Wednesday, April 14, 2010


1. Meatloaf- my mom's meatloaf this week was off. the. hook.
2. Texting on the iPhone- i have been texting up a storm and I have been in love with the iPhone's texting format from the beginning and it freaking guesses what I want to say, correctly, most of the time
3. mustard- I have been using it up a storm this week and i love the tangy, spicy taste
4. Clifford the Big Red Dog- he has invaded my house and the girls checked out like seven of his books from the library and Jayde and I watched his movie today
5. Mac 'n' Cheese- had it like a zillion times and still love it, box, home-made, doesn't matter
6. The iPad- I NEED THIS COMPUTER! Looks awesome from the commercial

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Traditionally, this blog is about my wishes for this week, but I'm turning it around and doing it for the things I'm loving this week. And now, onto this weeks loves.

1. my kids- they were such cuties when they left
2. Tiana- my Canadian sister
3. my boys- they are tearing it up recently
4. Angela- my New York sister
5. bumper sticker I just got from Tiana, which was then passed on to Angela and Jenny (among others)
6. Jenny- my Kentucky sister/my personal Buddha